The Winter Planters

Winter Planter

Creating winter planters for the Fall, into the Christmas Holidays and the cold days of January and February are easy to do.  What you must have is a good planter to start – one that you used from your summer plants would be ideal. 

Fill your container with soil – any type will do.  You can even use the soil left over in your planters from your summer pots.  For fall planters look in your yard from some Karl Forester grass, corn stalks, dried rose hips and some dogwood branches – whatever you think would look great in your planter.  For a Christmas look you can trim some spruce and cedar along with some birch branches to add some elegance.  If you do not have access to these in your yard, we offer bundles of these types of branches and shrubs in our store for you to get started.

When designing your planter think of your container as a very large flower arrangement.  Begin with the branches you would like to use for height such as the birch wood or dogwood and then add your spruce and cedar stems around the base.  Drape your cedar toward the edges so they cascade.  For some extra color or decoration you can add Christmas balls, large acorns, holly and ribbons.  Stabilize those items with wire to your plants.  Give the planter some water to keep it moist for the greenery.  The soil will freeze over winter keeping the planter looking great!

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